Time Well Spent

There’s a wonderful song by Chris Rice, Life Means So Much, with this phrase:

Every day is a bank account
And time is our currency
So no one’s rich, nobody’s poor
We get twenty-four hours each

How apt these days.  

We race around, breaking speed laws to save time.   We hang up on phone solicitors without so much as a “Please remove me from your calling list”,  saving a few seconds of human courtesy, and feeling angry that they’ve wasted our time. 

But I keep learning, again and again, that pinching pennies in this bank of time is not what it’s all about.  

The time spent taking usable items to a charity is well spent.   There are people out there who can’t afford the newest ones.  And the landfill sure doesn’t need it — my apologies to the archaeologists of the future.

The time spent talking to family and friends is well spent.  They’re not going to be around forever.   And neither are you.  

The time spent mentoring a colleague is well spent.    It takes real courage to give constructive criticism, and even more to listen without being defensive.

The time spent playing with your family — human or four-legged — is well spent.   Those good memories will ease the pain when less pleasant memories join their ranks.

I do hope that the time spent blogging will be well spent too.  Only time will tell.

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