A Wicked Week

Know how it is when you hear a phrase and you know you’ve heard it before, but where? Pete invoked “the examined life” in a blog comment, and it took me two whole days to figure out the reference.  This morning, it solved:  it’s “Dancing Through Life” from the musical Wicked.  In the song, it’s “unexamined life”, but close enough.  So I listened to the rest of the soundtrack during the commute.

It was a good soundtrack for this week.   A couple of favorite colleagues are going off on new adventures,  “Defying Gravity” as it were.  I hate it when people that I really enjoy working with go off on new adventures.  Like Glinda, I feel left behind, even though it’s my choice to stay.  But listening to the soundtrack, I remembered the whole plot, and it didn’t seem so awful being left behind.  Elphaba isn’t the only heroine.

To my colleagues, in case they’re reading, may your future be unlimited.

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2 Responses to A Wicked Week

  1. Pete says:

    I still haven’t seen Wicked… Guess I ought to now! 🙂

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