A Political Pick-me-up

Over on my Obama blog, I respond to anti-Obama e-mail campaign messages.  I slog through the original e-mail’s points, countering each with my own view.  For a while it was discouraging — as soon as I finished one, my inbox would get another one.  Or two.  It’s a little better now.  I’m starting to see some repeats, so I can just refer to the earlier blog entry.

But thanks to an old friend, I have a new lease on the campaign.  Go read Hunter’s blog “The Obvious Greatness of My Presidential Candidate.”  I would quote an excerpt, but it would be a spoiler.  Just read it.  Do it someplace where laughter is okay, though — not in a staff meeting or all-hands.  And don’t worry, you’ll enjoy it no matter which party you support.

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