Joy in 4 Easy Steps

This time, it didn’t take two days.

Heading home today, an NPR story finished, and a snippet of a tune played.  Quick!  Turn off the radio!  Going over the tune again in my head.  I know that rhythm!  I know that tune!  Quick!  Call someone who would know it!  Drat.  He’s not home.

Hours later.  Phone rings. 

“Do you remember the tune?” 

“No.  I’ve forgotten it.”

But NPR would know… Enter.

All Things Considered. Click.

Music Interludes View. Click.

Scroll….There it is!

Listen now: ‘Birdland’. Click.

Joy!  (How often is it that you can find joy in just 8 keystrokes and 3 mouse clicks?)

NPR had a great version, but not, IMHO, the very best version. 

The Manhattan Transfer. Birdland. Four and a half minutes, not four measly seconds, of sheer joy.

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