Room with a View

Grenoble Office ViewLovely film, Room with a View.  Very romantic.  But this isn’t about the film.  This is about the view from an office window.

I’ve had some beautiful views and some uninspiring ones.  One favorite view was the Dumbarton bridge — beautiful as the traffic flowed in the pre-dawn hours, followed by the rosy sunrises.  It made it easy to get out of bed for an early commute.

But my current office view has to be my favorite.  There are large, old trees outside my window, home to robins, hummingbirds, and squirrels.    The pastoral environment helps to ease the daily stress, not just visually, but audibly.  A squirrel often scurries along the ledge outside, making a delightful skittery noise as it scampers past to parts unknown.

I thought my view couldn’t be beat, but then a colleague doing a “Day in the Life” preso showed a photo of her office view (above).  How magnificent!

Cubicle life is great for social interaction.  And even parking lot views can give your eyes those important distant focal points.  But there’s nothing like a natural view, to help provide physical and mental relief.

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  1. Pete says:

    Amen to that. Preciously hard to find in NYC….

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