Dumb All Over

Sitting on the floor of a Beta Phi Zeta dorm room back in the early 80s, I heard Frank Zappa for the first time.  Dumb All Over quickly became a favorite.   Snippets of that rap have sprung to mind every so often in the years since then.

Today I was looking for the soundtrack to The Thomas Crowne Affair — I wanted to hear the Nina Simone tune — but that CD had found a really, really good hiding place.  Instead, I found the Zappa CD, and decided to rip it so I could listen to Dumb All Over on my iPod and iPhone.    It was a more complicated task than I expected — what playlist can hold a Frank Zappa?!    (My taste is eclectic, but Zappa’s in a class by himself.)  It feels good having him there, though.  It’ll be a good antidote for the news.

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