You Talk Too Much!

When’s the last time you heard that?  Polite company isn’t going to tell you, and I’m not going to tell you either.   We don’t want you to stop talking.   We want to hear your ideas and views.   We want you to ask questions about our ideas and views.   We want you to ask questions about things you don’t understand.

But please remember, when you’re talking, you’re using valuable verbal real estate.  When you talk, others cannot.  When you talk, you are consuming time — taking over a piece of a precious finite space, or sprawling into space that others may have hoped to use in other ways.

Clever quips, responses to others, and detailed explanations are all appreciated, so please, don’t stop talking.

Just remember, words are houses for ideas, and they take up real estate that we all must share.  Leave no one homeless.  Be a good neighbor.  And leave open space for us all to enjoy.

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