In Her Own Words

Are you planning to watch the Vice Presidential debate on Thursday?

I am. I think every voter in the U.S. should. And not just because one of them is a woman.

Here we have a candidate for Vice President who has been under fire from the press. (That’s not new — remember Ferraro?) There’s the infamous Couric interview (on Youtube if you missed it), but we don’t have a lot that is current and unbiased. During the debate, that will change.

We’ll see who she is and how she thinks about the issues that would be hers to deal with – as leader of the Senate and as a member of the President’s staff – if the McCain/Palin ticket wins. We’ll see her toe-to-toe with a Washington veteran.

We will get to hear her views. Uneditted. No sound bites.

Watch on Thursday. Or listen. But make your own decision. Don’t rely on the press and analysts and polls and YouTube video annotators tell you what happened. Watch for yourself.

It’s not their vote. It’s yours.

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