Soon It’s Gonna Rain

Soon it’s gonna rain.
I can feel it.
Soon it’s gonna rain.
I can tell.

The old Streisand song fills my mind as I contemplate the change in weather.

Seems like ever since I’ve been in California, a rainstorm has come through at the end of September. It’s the opening fanfare to a few beautiful weeks of indian summer in October. Then the rainy season really begins.

Not this year. The first rain is late. The forecast says it’ll arrive tonight sometime.

The roads will get slick with months of summer oil. Inattentive drivers will be caught by surprise. And if years past are any indication, ambulances and fire trucks will soon follow.

I’m hoping for a heavy rain, to quickly wash the oil away — rain coming down so hard that drivers have to pay attention. I’m hoping it’ll stay long enough to clean the roads well, and leave my forest commute all misty and lush green.

Soon it’s gonna rain.

And that’s a good thing.

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