The 21st Century

I’m so old.  I had one of those days that just wouldn’t have happened 40 years ago.

Today, I was exchanging IM with my sister.  40 years ago, my sister wasn’t born, the Internet wasn’t invented yet, and if Instant Messaging existed, it was only on Star Trek.

Today, my daughter was watching satellite TV on the couch wearing camo pants.  They didn’t make camo pants for kids 40 years ago, most kids didn’t have a TV to watch, and satellite TV wasn’t invented yet either.

Today, I had to find a different flower girl dress for my daughter to wear in my sister’s wedding.  The manufacturer was out of her size, and they weren’t going to be cutting any new dresses until February, after the Chinese New Year.  China wasn’t open to the West 40 years ago, much less making bridal fashions for the U.S. of A., and a mom would be flipping through catalogs at bridal shop instead of surfing through them on the Internet.

Days like today make me wonder what life’s gonna be like in another 40 years.  Something tells me it’s gonna be way cool, and unimaginably different.   This I’ve gotta see.

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