Getting Into the Holiday Spirit

I love jigsaw puzzles.  One of my favorite things to do during the holidays was to work a really big  jigsaw puzzle with my family.

So you can imagine how happy I was to finally get a few minutes to play with the Java FX Picture Puzzle tonight.  Just logged in to Facebook, and went over to to play.  It was even more fun when my daughter nudged me over so she could play, using a photo of one of my quilts, of course.

Earlier in the evening, I’d downloaded the latest version of Java, so I’d be sure to get the best Java FX experience. ( works much better with 6 update 10 or higher.)  I was amazed at how easy that was, too.  I just went into the Control Panel, and there was a little Java button.  Inside that were all kinds of goodies, including a magic “Update” button.  Hurray!  Not only did I get the latest and greatest Java, but I also got a Yahoo toolbar, with quick links to my e-mail and MyYahoo aggregator pages and everything!

So after having fun with the puzzle on Facebook, I decided to go see if the JavaFX website was any faster, now that I had the new Java bits.  Indeed it was, and what’s more, I found the code for that Puzzle!

Put me right in the holiday spirit.  And these days, that’s saying something.  Thanks, Duke.

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