Just Keep Swimming

I love travelling. I love Christmas. But somehow, when we got back from our Christmas in Wales, I found myself with mountains of laundry left over from, not one, but two vacations, Christmas decorations that needed putting away, suitcases that needed putting away, and extra pounds from putting away too many Christmas cookies. It was discouraging.

I resolved to tackle the problems, and slowly, slowly, began. I worked out in the mornings with Wii Fit, with a trip “for fun” down to the gym on the weekends, and a hike in the desert when we went down there for the long weekend. I sorted the laundry piles, and, a load at a time, worked through the zen cycle of wash, dry, fold, and put them away.

It hasn’t been easy, and I can’t say it’s fun, but I can say that it felt really good last night, with a little bit of January left to go, to get the last post-vacation laundry load hung. The suitcases are in the closet, I’m starting to see the graph trend down on the Wii Fit, and I have just a few more Christmas decorations to put away.

Progress. But I haven’t done it alone. I had encouraging words to keep me motivated.

A friend of mine, when I was discouraged with my skill at the Wii Fit exercises this month, exclaimed, “Who’s judging you? You’re working out. That’s what counts.”

At other times I remembered, “Half of life is just showing up.”

And yes, even Dory‘s sage advice has come to mind, “Just keep swimming, swimming, swimming.”

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