Victory Isn’t Like That

Psalm 98 claims a victory for God, and calls for a planet-wide celebration. But victory isn’t like that.

You can’t call it a victory if there isn’t an opponent, and the opponent usually isn’t in the mood to party. They might be relieved that the battle is over, the fighting is done, and a decision has been reached. But odds are high that the losers aren’t singing, clapping and shouting with joy. More likely, they’re pretty bummed about the outcome.

They lost. Time to go into hiding, for those with war crimes to worry about. Time to regroup and go underground, for those intent to rise again. And certainly time to mourn all the effort spent in a cause that wasn’t victorious. It’s great to go home and pick up the pieces when you’re a hero. Not so much, when history’s tagging you as the loser, the bad guy.

I’d like to think that’s why we’re not using “war” so much anymore. We’ve started figuring out that what we’re after isn’t victory. What we’re really after, is peace.

Peace. Now there’s something to celebrate.

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