A Backstage Ovation

Backstage, behind the scenes, plumbing, infrastructure — a lot of unseen elbow grease and brainpower goes into the Production, the Big Show. In my day job, I work behind-the-scenes for Java, a behind-the-scenes technology. Folks recognize the Java logo on their cellphone, but many have no clue why it’s wonderful.

Today is the Big Show, when James Gosling shows the world why. As the last general session for the annual JavaOne conference, James turns the spotlight on the really amazing things that make us behind-the-scenes folks just beam with pride. This year was no exception. Java powered everything from scoring tests on a printer, analyzing tissue samples for cancer, micro-financing for the poor, and controlling satellite networks, to a robot made by high-schoolers and a ’59 Lincoln converted to electricity. Thanks to the Internet, I could watch it all from the couch, keeping my germs to myself. (And I can share all two hours of it with anyone else needing inspiration, laid up on their couch.)

Rumor has it that this could be the last JavaOne, but I do hope that James’ Toy Show continues. There’s nothing that motivates me, and the rest of us who handle all the administrivia and unglamorous work in the background, than to see how far our technology can go.

Thank you, James.

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