Tweet, Tweet

Let's Talk about TechI’m not talking about birds, here. I’m talking about Twitter. It’s in the news right now as a useful tool for getting news out of Iran, but more often you hear quips like this:

“Twitter is for twits.”

Twitter can be seen that way, certainly. How meaningful can they be, little blurbs of information about yourself, broadcast to the Internet at large? How egotistical, to write them in the first place!

“I don’t have time for Twitter.”

Oh yes, that can be true, too. You can spend all your time telling other people what’s going on with your life, and finding out about theirs. Just like the people we know who keep a phone glued to their ear.

But there’s another side of Twitter. The side that lets folks know what’s happening with you now, so they can talk to you about it later.

“I didn’t know you were in Russia until I saw your tweet. How was your trip?”

I didn’t tell that person I was going. I had sent a text message from my phone to Twitter. Twitter knew it was my phone, and posted it as a tweet from me. Then, people who wanted to know what was up with me, read my tweet, and found out.

It wasn’t Important information in the grand scheme of things, that I was headed for Russia. But it was Interesting. Something I would have told anyone who called me up at that particular minute and asked what I was doing.

I don’t tweet often. But I like being able to share the “little” thoughts with my friends and family on the Internet, in an “if you want to know” sort of way.

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1 Response to Tweet, Tweet

  1. Bob says:

    Neat! Now I have an idea what Twitter is. Thanks!!

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