Real Magic

I witnessed some of that famous “Disney magic” at Disney World this past week. One cast member picked my daughter to wave a big checkered flag at the speedway. As we exited the park one afternoon wearing our Mickey Mouse Club T-shirts, another cast member sang the entire M-I-C, K-E-Y song to us. But the best magic I saw, didn’t happen to us.

Our last night at the Magic Kingdom, we were watching the Spectromagic parade, when a family with two young girls arrived. We made room for them at the rope, and the magic began. Mary Poppins, donned in supercalifragilistic white, came by and shook their hands. After she’d moved on, the youngest shared the event with delight, shouting excitedly to her mom a few steps away. A little later, Peter Pan came by, and bowed to one of the girls – had she been older, I think she would have swooned. We all enjoyed the remaining floats and characters and lilting music, but then came the grand finale – Snow White walking with seven dwarves behind her. The two girls screamed in chorus for several seconds – I never knew a princess could be a rock star. The parade had clearly been Disney magic for the pair.

As the crowd dispersed, I couldn’t help but wonder, what if the crowds had been thick? What if we hadn’t noticed them there and made sure the girls got to the front? And then I remembered the man at the High School Musical 3 show a few days before, who had made sure my daughter had a “front row” spot for that street performance, a spot that gained her an invitation to dance in the show.

Magic isn’t just performers, costumes, music, and artistry. Inviting others to share the experience with you – family, friends, and strangers – that’s Real Magic.

Dedicated to the grandparents, who share Disney with their children and grandchildren.
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