Cocktails and Blogrolls

Let's Talk about TechI remember my first cocktail party as an adult. I was home from college at Duke. My grandparents had been invited to a cocktail party, and I was invited to come. Wow! I must be a real adult now.

So I went. I didn’t know these people. They were friends of my grandparents. But they were interesting people. I liked listening to them talk, and once in a great while, I would have something to contribute to the conversation. Every so often, I would be introduced to someone I hadn’t met, and around the room I went.

The blogosphere reminds me alot of that cocktail party.

You’re here! Great! Welcome to the party! I’m so glad you could come. Let me introduce you to some very interesting people. They’re on my blogroll, over on the right. If you go to their blogs, their “About” page will tell you all about them, but from over here, by the cheese and crackers, I’ll just point them out.

A Guy in the Pew, he’s a lawyer. Lives in Arizona. Doesn’t say much these days, ’cause he’s been appointed to be part of the Obama administration. He used to write about all kinds of interesting things. He’d find things and share them with the rest of us. Remember the Les Mis Obama thing on youtube? I found out about it first from him.

Bishop Alan, he’s a real bishop over in England. Writes almost daily, mostly about stuff going on in the press and the Anglican church. You should hear what he thinks about the role of the pastor!

Brazen Careerist, she’s a writer and an entrepreneur. She has a refreshing perspective on work and life. I think every career woman out there should hear her perspective on abortion.

The Third Motion, he’s a musician and a teacher. Lives in New York City. He’s not writing much these days — getting married — but he worked on the Obama campaign, and tells some great “only in New York” stories.

More folks will be arriving later. Just watch the blogroll. And by all means, check the blogrolls of the other folks out there. It’s just like a cocktail party. The most interesting person in the room might be introduced to you by someone you don’t know.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to bring out some more crab dip. Talk to you later!

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