My Inner Imelda

I hate shoe shopping. I go to the store, wait while they search in the mysterious Back, and nine times out of ten, I walk away empty-handed. Or with a pair of shoes that magically become torture devices for my feet once they’ve made their escape from the shop.

That’s why I love Zappos. Not only can I browse anytime I like, and search by shoe size, but Zappos also pays the shipping the shoes in BOTH directions (remember – nine times out of ten). Furthermore, when I return the shoes that don’t fit, I can get the magical Store Credit. Next time I need shoes, Presto! I shop with “free money” AND I get one-day shipping!

I still drop into my favorite shoe store in the mall every so often. But when I need to feed my inner Imelda, Zappos is my kind of place.

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