The Nike Work Ethic

I try to make a habit of executing — meeting my commitments in the office when they’re due. Sometimes it’s easy, sometimes it’s hard, and sometimes I fail, but as a rule, I try to get things done.

To keep this up, I have to say no sometimes. Or I give the work to someone else, and let them have the glory. Or I come home a little later in the day.

But for me, execution is the only way to fly. When there’s a crunch in the office, and the rate of execution needs to approach light speed, I’m ready to go. My “deliver it quick” reflexes are in shape, ready for the sprint.

So, dear colleagues and associates, be very clear when you procrastinate or postpone. Yes, there are times when priorities require postponing or cancelling one commitment so that another can be met. But if you’re doing it too often, you may find that your execution muscles are getting out of shape.

As the Nike ads say, “Just do it.”

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