Battle for America’s Soul

Yes, indeed, there’s a prayer battle in Washington today. I heard about in on the way to work on Tuesday morning, and found an article off the radio station’s website.

Terrific. Some Muslims want to show the nation their good side, the side that isn’t jihad-happy. And some frightened Christians are arming themselves for “prayer battle.” Others are certain that this “prayer” is a front for a sinister plot to overthrow the government.

I don’t get it. Muslims and Christians and Jews all worship — and pray to — the same God. The Muslims are going to pray for the salvation (that’s a good thing) and for better relationships among people (another good thing).

Yeah, maybe their idea of salvation isn’t the same as my idea, but that’s true between Christians, as well. God gets to decide what salvation actually is — that’s part of what prayer is. Give your problems and your desires to God and God decides what’s best.

And what about that other idea, praying for better relationships among people? That’s really something to get up in arms about, don’t you think?! Better relationships might just lead to …. oh, I don’t know … PEACE???

Well, here’s my idea. After you finish praying in the prayer battle, or rolling your eyes at the whole thing, or praying to God to save us from ourselves, go listen to Dumb All Over again. It’s the perfect anthem for the day.

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