Miriam’s Tears (Part 3 of 5)

Miriam fought back the tears that threatened to break her voice. “Marcus, you’re not listening! Do you want your son to be blind forever? What if he could be healed? What if the stories are true, and this Jesus from Nazareth could heal Jacob? What if the other stories are true, and the priests are conspiring to kill him? If we don’t leave now, the man could be dead before we get there!” She swallowed hard. This was requiring more bravery than she usually possessed, but hope will do strange things to a mother.

Marcus looked at his wife. She hadn’t been young when they met, but she seemed beautiful to him then. Now, a deep worry line made a groove in her forehead. She seemed much older — six years of watching their son had taken their toll. But her eyes were still beautiful, and the line of her jaw still graceful.

Yet she was asking too much. For the two of them to go to Israel? Even though blind, Jacob was helpful at the inn. And Miriam, what would he do without her? Yes, Aunt Ruth could fill in, and Uncle Joshua might bring more customers with his stories. But Israel was so far away. There were tales of robbers. Her cousin Eli would be an able escort, but still. Protecting his family was his job. It didn’t seem right to send them off on such a crazy quest.

Yet he had never see her like this. Ever since Eli had arrived yesterday with the latest news from Jerusalem and Galilee, Miriam had been talking about going to see this healer. She rarely talked to him anymore. When they had courted, he had loved the sound of her voice. Watching her face captivated him. But she hadn’t spoken to him much lately. And now, this outburst!

Miriam looked down. A tear sneaked past her lashes and began to roll down her cheek, just as Marcus reached for her chin.


(to be continued)

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