Damn the Torpedoes!

“Just do it!”

“But if we do, then …”

“No buts! Just do it!”

Sound familiar? The “Just do it!” speaker is someone who doesn’t want to hear the difficulties, the downsides, the risks, the inconvenient facts, or the problems, and just wants whatever it is to go ahead.

Listening to Madeleine Albright’s Memo to the President Elect, it seems that this kind of attitude isn’t confined to business leaders, but also occurs in the White House.

If you’re lucky, your leader will be one who listens to all the views, including yours, with an open mind, and then makes a decision. Maybe even asks some questions you didn’t anticipate. Their well-informed decisiveness is a Good Thing.

But those of you in the workplace who feel that your alternate points of view are being discarded and overruled, to the detriment of whatever it is your business is doing (in your perception, anyway), you’re in good company. Persons with titles as prestigious as Secretary of State have been in your shoes.

Like those Secretaries of State, you have three options:

  1. Stay engaged, celebrate the times when you get your preferred outcome, and become an expert at stress-relief.
  2. Hang in there and hope for a leadership change.
  3. Resign.

My advice? If you go for #3, get another job first. Odds are, books and speeches about your experiences probably won’t sell as well as those by a former Secretary of State.

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