Across Finish Line!

We keep an old-fashioned paper calendar on the fridge, to keep track of all the various appointments and events for this little family of three. When I flipped the page over to October, I felt like I had reached base camp at Mount Everest. Few squares were blank. I remember thinking, “If I can make it to the end of October without keeling over, that will be something.”

Well, I made it.

Two conventions, various doctor’s appointments, training classes, church meetings, the dedication and consecration of our new church, an excellent neighborhood concert, a yummy anniversary dinner, a draft deanery website design and implementation, pumpkin carving, vampire costume assembly, on top of the usual piano lessons, karate lessons, ortho appointments, haircuts, trips to the pool, commutes to the office, loads of laundry, bill payments, bread baking…all my regular chores.

It was great to visit with friends at their Halloween party tonight, and then hang out on the front porch in the beautiful fall evening, handing out candy to the 150 or so kids who came by.

This middle-aged working mother had made it.

Quite a trick. Quite a treat. Happy Halloween indeed.

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