Season of Debate

It’s the season of debate.

In the paper mail, I got a cool Republican Party membership drive letter, disguised as survey. What do I think about taxes, bailouts, health care, welfare, and such? I agreed with many of their anti-Democrat views, but my answers have strings attached. Of course, there was no place for nuanced responses on the form.

But I was pleased with the questions. Some of questions they’re asking are questions I want to be in debate. Debate keeps the balance. At least that’s the theory. And if all they do is debate, and get nothing done, we’ll vote them out of office. That’s the other part of the theory. But even that has a catch: do I vote for someone I agree with, who can’t anything done, or vote for someone I disagree with, who might actually get it done?

Rather than get a headache thinking about politics, I’d much rather think about economics. Did you hear about the music video on economic theory? It’s way cool. Good intellectual debate, gangsta style.

Check it out.

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