A Voice from the Hungry Mob

Are your people hungry? Are you giving them what they need, to feel fed and nourished?

I am not talking about starvation. Charities like Food for the Poor and World Vision are feeding the starving.

I am not talking about comfort food. Restaurants like Pizza My Heart or BackAYard do that job well.

I’m talking about food for the soul. Jesus commanded Peter to feed his sheep, and he wasn’t talking about feeding tens of thousands with the fish they’d just caught.

I think Jesus was saying this to the future leader of his Church:

Give them hope. Give them meaning. Teach them how to live their lives so they can live and work in harmony with their neighbors and colleagues and family members, no matter what divisions exist.

What kind of leader are you? Maybe you’re a preacher on Sunday, or a Bishop on the Internet. Maybe you’re a life coach, a VP, or an office manager. It doesn’t matter what kind of leader you are, my friend.

There are hungry people in that group that you lead. Feed them.

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