My Uncle is Dead (part 4)

(Part 1 is here)

Cora set her sewing aside. If it stayed in her hands, the fabric was going to be stained — she’d stab herself with the needle, or the tears would finally erupt. She could feel the emotion, and the story wasn’t done yet. She stood up and faced her grandson.

“You’re right. A bottle of perfume is only part of the story. The disciples, the other disciples, had started saying that Jesus might be the Messiah.”

“What?! The Messiah’s not a rabbi. The Messiah’s a king!”

“Not just that, Anthony. Some were even saying that Jesus was the Son of God.”

“Uncle Judas didn’t believe that!”

“Of course, Judas didn’t. But you see, because they believed it, it was changing things. It wasn’t all about the poor anymore. It was all about Jesus now.”

Anthony shook his head, “But Jesus was a good man, Nana…”

“Listen to me! Judas heard Jesus himself say it! ‘The poor will always be with you, but you will not always have me.’ Your uncle was there. If you had seen his face, when he told me…” Cora’s voice broke.

Anthony reached for his grandma, but she stepped away. “That’s not all. Judas came back.”

to be continued

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