My Uncle is Dead (part 5)

(Part 1 is here)

Anthony wasn’t sure he wanted to hear anymore. Suddenly he felt very young, and this story wasn’t so simple. Who was the good guy? Who was the bad guy? But he needed to know. “What happened?”

Cora leaned against the next timber and closed her eyes. “Your Uncle Judas went to the priests. They gave him money. And he betrayed Jesus. He led the soldiers to where they were hiding.”

Anthony rocked back and let the timber hold him up. “No.”

“Yes. He came here after it was done.”

“Did he show you the money?” Anthony couldn’t imagine his uncle, a greedy traitor, holding a sack of coins.

“No, Anthony. He had used it to buy a field. He was going to plant it. Raise a crop. And feed the …” but Cora could not continue. The tears came. Her son, dead in that field.

Anthony touched Nana’s shoulder, then wrapped his arms around her. “Nana…”

“They call him wicked, Anthony!” she cried, her head in his chest.

And they probably always will, thought Anthony. Jesus, a hero. Judas, the villain. The simple story. “It’s okay, Nana. We know Uncle Judas. And God knows Uncle Judas. It doesn’t matter what people say.”

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