Red Means Stop

Stop. You missed the green light. You’re first in line in the left-hand turn lane. Look left. There’s another human being on the median. With a cardboard sign. HELP. Or some derivation thereof. Reach in your wallet. Pull out some money. Roll down the window. Hand them the gift with a smile. “Thank you and God bless you” is their line. “God bless you too” is yours. The light turns green, and you drive away, perhaps with a wave goodbye.

Is it the right kind of help? Will the money be spent wisely? I don’t know. And I really don’t care. What matters is the opportunity to reach across the curb and let them know that somebody cares.

I think sometimes that I should hand over something else with the money. Something that encourages them to persevere and overcome their hardship, and trust that God loves them and will see them through.

Until then, I’ll just smile, be generous, and be thankful for the gift of well-timed stoplights.

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