A Scoreless Game

A radio personality commented yesterday morning on how she had tried to watch the World Cup, but found it really boring. And then, in the few minutes when she left the TV to go do something else, the score was made, and the game was decided. Boredom, then disappointment — not a great way to become a fan of the game.

As I listened to her lament, I recalled other scoreless games — not in soccer, but baseball. The innings when no one got on base. The innings when the bases were loaded when the third out was called. Scoreless games, yes, but hardly boring.

So much of life is scoreless. Sometimes like soccer or rugby, with lots of movement. Sometimes like football or hockey, with bumps and penalties. Sometimes like baseball, with suspense and statistics. How do we manage such a scoreless existence? Is life boring?

Of course not. So perhaps now would be a good time to be thankful for all the things that we enjoy in life that happen in the scoreless innings.

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