Shine On, You Crazy Diamond

I sit and watch a baseball game, and it could be the sixties when I first learned to love the game. Balls and strikes, runs and outs, players and umpires, fans and mascots — baseball seems timeless. And yet, I see the fingerprints of the current era, there on the field.

Thick padding on fences, and helmets on catchers — the players are safer than before. Swooshes on undershirts, and MLB logos on jerseys — brand awareness has left its tracks. Jumbo-tron scoreboards, and dynamic rail banners — sponsors make good use of high tech signs.

Some might point to the scandals around steroids, and yes, they’re a nasty business. But rigged games, gambling, and tampered equipment have claimed headlines, too, over the years. The self-interest of a few scoundrels rears its ugly head from time to time.

So change the channel, and watch the game. Enjoy the tradition. It’s baseball season, and that’s a good thing.

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