Here and Now

What are you missing? C’mon, admit it. You’re in that meeting. You’re sitting in church. You’re riding in the car with someone else. Somebody else is talking, and you’ve tuned them out. Maybe not on purpose. Maybe for only a few minutes. But you aren’t paying attention.

I’m sure it’s just a human thing. Imagine the disciples at the original Last Supper. Maybe way back then, they were all very attentive, and heard the words that have been repeated (in translation) for centuries. But maybe they were like us, distracted by their own thoughts:

“How far did we walk today? My feet are killing me.”

“I think I recognized that man at temple. Now where have I seen him before?”

“This cloak has gotten so shabby. Maybe I can get a new one while we’re here.”

Maybe, just maybe, there were a few disciples at that meal that weren’t completely tuned in to the occasion.

I’m not saying that we should pay attention today because something bad might happen tomorrow. (There’s a reason they call it the Last Supper.) But I am saying that we should Be Present, especially when we’re with other people. Listen. Observe. Respond.

Tune in, my friend. You may be surprised at the gift that Here and Now can be.

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