Platform Plank: Family

My ideal political party would uphold the family as a fundamental unit of society, a basis of strength for society and the nation. Healthy families provide a safety net for individuals, a nursery for future citizens, and an engine for the economy. The party would aim to strengthen the American family, and therefore American society, without denying the rights of the individuals who compose the family.

With that principle in mind, elected party officials would resolve to:

  • Support programs and policies that prevent the causes for divorce. For example, including educating older adolescents on how to improve their odds of a successful marriage, e.g. marry later in life, so that you know yourself better; marry after you know the other person better; what kinds of things are most important to know about yourself and your potential spouse; what kinds of problems a married couple is likely to face and how they can be dealt with. Parents may opt their children out of this education with a waiver, similar to the mandated vaccine waiver.
  • Support programs and policies that prevent the need for abortions. For example, require 40 or more hours of sex education to all adolescents, that includes conception, abstinence, contraception, pregnancy, abortion, adoption, and infant care. Parents may waive their children from some or all of the coursework, with a mandatory parental confirmation form granting explicit consent or waiver for each of the topics covered in the course except for conception, pregnancy and infant care.
  • Maintain and improve domestic and international adoption laws, programs, and policies, for the benefit of the children, adoptive parents, and birth mothers. As an example, support programs and policies to aid pregnant women planning to give their child to adoptive parents. Women with unplanned pregnancies need practical help.

Elected party members would not be required to support gay marriage, or abortion, but would agree to abstain from legislating against either:

  • Make no law, vote for no law, nor confirm any judge that would deny the right to marriage between two consenting adults. To deny access to that contract to a group of citizens based on the sex of their life partner weakens that subset of society.
  • Make no law, and vote for no law, nor confirm any judge that would deny the right to an abortion, if that is determined to be the best for the woman by the woman and her doctor. The object is to prevent the need for abortion, without interfering in the time-sensitive, extremely private procedure.

This is a critical plank for me. I value the family, and individual rights, far too highly to turn a blind eye on when a candidate doesn’t share these views. As a result, I have usually voted for Democrats. But as future planks will show, few Democrats would subscribe to my ideal party platform.

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