Bad Guys

Have you noticed? Newtown, Connecticut is the new 9-11. A shocking, horrific tragedy. Innocent lives lost in a murderous act. Our Safety has been violated! What shall we do to Protect ourselves from the Bad Guys?!!

In the wake of 9-11, millions were spent to beef up airline security. Discrimination and violence spread like shockwaves, as Muslims and Sikhs were perceived as threats to our Safety.

Here we go again. It’s not the ones wearing turbans and veils this time, but the ones with automatic weapons and ammo who are regarded with suspicion and anger — no matter their peaceful intentions.

What rights and civil liberties will be given up this time? What are we willing to do to Protect ourselves, keep ourselves Safe from the Bad Guys?

Whatever we do, it will probably help prevent something bad. Whatever we do, it will probably create more hassle in the system. And whatever we do, there will still be Bad Guys out there, intent to do us harm. Whatever we do won’t keep us Safe from the next 9-11, the next Newtown.

We live in a world of human beings. Bad Guys come with the territory. What distresses me more, is that in the wake of these horrible tragedies, we human beings create more tragedy, by deciding some new group of ordinary, peaceful people are now dangerous Bad Guys.

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1 Response to Bad Guys

  1. I love that you used the words “probably” loosely. As it turns out, each attack is worse then the last and we weren’t prepared for it!

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