Food for the Soul

I wasn’t having a very good day. It was work. It was my health. My usual Teflon self-confidence was AWOL. So when my noon meeting ended, I pushed back from the keyboard and headed out the door. A little comfort food lunch might help.

It was busy at the restaurant. Two men were in front of me. As the first finished his order, two others came in behind me. They were with the guy in front of me, so I let them go on ahead of me. When they finished ordering, the first guy cut back in, asking for a packet of something. No one was rude, but it was a little disorganized.

I arrived at the checkout, still not sure what to order. A new special had caught my eye, and was competing with my original plan. The familiar employee was behind the register, but she seemed a little less buoyant than usual. We agreed that we weren’t having a very good day.

I let her know that the delays were not a problem and related my dilemma. She had a solution! Like the best people in the service sector, she knew exactly what to suggest. As we closed the transaction, I spoke from my heart, telling her that I had come hoping that lunch would help me feel better, but that she had made my day better. She thanked me, and I picked up my lunch to take home.

As I exited the restaurant, I could hear her asking another customer for their order. Her voice sounded more cheerful, that welcoming tone of voice that makes her workplace one of my favorite places to grab a bite to eat. Perhaps she had needed to hear that she makes a difference, at least to one of her customers.

Next time someone makes your day a little better, make sure you let them know. We all need a little encouragement now and then.

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