Lantern Carrier’s Lament

I’m standing on a path in the darkness, holding up a lantern so that others on the path can see a little better and perhaps not stumble as they move from one place to the next. My light only reaches so far. Some appreciate what I do. Some do not. Some ignore my light, and may or may not fall into an abyss as a result.

Sometimes I carry two lanterns. Sometimes I must hold three. My arms grow tired. Sometimes I grow weary as the travelers ask questions. Too many questions, too demanding. I dream of a day when I can hand these lanterns to someone else, and walk out into the light.

Once in a while a grumpy troll trudges by. I try to return their gruffness with kindness, but when the darkness gets to them, they explode in anger and frustration. It’s frightening. I try to not drop my lanterns, but I admit, I back away from the path, and huddle next to the wall, hiding in the darkness I usually dispel.

It’s no fun, standing on this path in the gloom. But for now, I want to shed some light, be of some help, and develop muscles in my arms so that I can carry heavier, brighter lamps.

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