God Sent a Rainbow

Is society’s move towards acceptance and support of homosexual relationships a good thing? People of faith and religious institutions disagree. Some look at the Bible and claim homosexuality is bad, pointing to Sodom and Gomorrah. Others have a different interpretation of God’s message.

I’m no Biblical scholar. I don’t wear a clerical collar, or have a theological degree. I admire folks who mine the Bible for verses of sustenance and growth, but I’ll say right now that I don’t think much of folks who mine the Bible for ways to judge and attack others.

At the risk of being a hypocrite, I will remind you that Jesus said to Love thy neighbor as thyself. Does following that commandment mean to beat others down, to say that love shared as sweethearts is wrong, to turn your back when support is needed in a long-term commitment?

Maybe you think it is such a serious sin, that you cannot bear the thought that others should be tricked into believing it’s okay.

Let me suggest to you, if your righteous grief or authority cannot bear the thought of sanctioning this sin, that you spend some quality time meditating on forgiveness of sins.

Let me suggest to you, that instead of looking for Bible verses about what everyone else should not be doing, start looking for Bible verses about what you should be doing. If we have anything in common at all, you’ll find the stuff you should do is a whole lot harder than the stuff you should not do.

And for those of you who answered yes to my first question, I offer this: the rainbow adopted by the LGBT community is not just a symbol of diversity, it’s a symbol of hope. It rained for a very long time before God sent that rainbow, but He did send it. Hang in there. Find an ark, and trust in God.

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