In God’s Lap

I’m not a kid anymore. Not even close. But like a dressed-up child at a big party full of grown-ups and strangers, I can get a little overwhelmed, a little stressed, a little uncertain, in need of comfort and security.

The good news is, there’s a lap I still fit in. A place where I can go and be loved, have a hand stroke my hair, and a warm chest to lean back on. A place I am always welcome.

Sitting down at the doctor’s office after a stressful day of work, uncertain of what news might be in store at this visit, I saw the assistant pick up the cuff and her stethoscope. In my mind I climbed into the lap of God.

She pumped the cuff, and then again. “Do you have low blood pressure?” “Yes.” “Well, it’s 90 over 60.” “That’s normal for me.”

All my life, the church has taught that each of us is a beloved child of God. Remember that, and when you need it, climb up in God’s lap for a rest.

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