Is this all there is?

Nitobe Memorial Garden in SpringSitting on the bench in the Japanese garden, I was asked by a couple walking by, “Is this all there is?” I answered aloud, “Yes,” and silently, “Isn’t this enough?” Two acres of carefully designed and cared for garden on a sunny spring day: new growth on every plant, stunning reflections of the trees in the pond, magical reflections of sunlight on the trees, the sounds of the waterfalls, slender iris piercing the dark, rich earth of their beds, big camellia blooms, and tiny buds and blossoms on tree branches.  My camera had been busy, feasting on the beauty every few steps, macro, wide angle, and video all found inspiration in the springtime scene.  “Is this all there is?”

It seems to me that the question itself bears some reflection.  Is there any fault in wanting more?  Certainly if you are in a miserable situation, that question could be a healthy one to ask yourself. But in most cases, if that question arises, I would counter, “Are you paying attention? Are you noticing the natural beauty, the artistry, the engineering, the craftsmanship, the ingenuity, that surrounds you? Are you using all the lenses of the camera of your mind?”

Life is short. The garden of your life may only have two acres. But if you slow down, pay attention, you may find that in all there is, abundance is just waiting for your discovery.DSCF0803

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1 Response to Is this all there is?

  1. Sharon Z says:

    Nicely said, and so very true.

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