Feeling Blue?

Feeling blue?  Here are a few tips from a seasoned survivor of many bouts with the blues.  The keys are in the word: B-L-U-E.

B stands for Baby.  Your inner baby is crying, so ask usual questions:

  • Are you hungry?  When’s the last time you ate?
  • Do you need a change?  Does a shower and clean clothes sound good?
  • Do you need some attention?  How about some quality time with a good friend or a furry companion?
  • Are you tired?  A nap or catching up on some sleep tonight might make a big difference in your attitude.

L stands for Leave.  “A change is as good as a rest,” my mother-in-law used to say.  Change the sights, smells, and sounds around you.  Take a walk down the hall.  Go outside.  Jump in the car or the bus or the train and get out of the neighborhood.  When my daughter was an infant, I found that just hanging out with her in the hammock in the backyard was a guaranteed a morale booster — no exertion or car seat required.  Later on, long walks with her in the stroller were perfect for insuring a good night sleep for both of us.

U stands for Understand.  If B and L don’t provide relief, it’s time to start putting your thoughts and feelings in your journal.  Let the writing go where it will, into the trivial, into the serious, into the scary — wherever your mind takes you.  Putting the thoughts and feelings into words can help you understand why you’re feeling blue.  Reading what you’ve written gives your rationale side a chance to offer some compassionate help, and a different perspective on what’s troubling you.

E stands for End.  With a little help from B-L-U, most bouts with the blues can be turned around.  Other episodes are temporary situations — something you’ll spot when you write things down.  Although you can’t do anything actively, the problem will go away with time.  “And this too shall pass,” becomes a mantra to get you through it.

But pay attention, dear reader, because if the blues go on for weeks or months, it’s time to get help from a professional.  Depression is not the same as the blues, and even tried-and-true tips like these won’t be enough to put an end to the sadness.

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