Miriam’s Tears – Preface

The short story “Miriam’s Tears” began with a simple question:

What would it have been like, to live at the time of Jesus’ ministry?

The story wasn’t intended to be historically accurate, but to explore the question from a woman’s perspective, staying consistent with the account in the Christian gospels.

Each break in the story, even the ending, is a stopping place. Before clicking the link to the next part of the story, consider what might happen next, and how it might change the lives and the relationships of the people in the scene. Put yourself into the story. Who are you? What are you thinking? What will you do?

So please begin, with Part 1 of Miriam’s Tears.

3 Responses to Miriam’s Tears – Preface

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  2. Scott Paris says:

    I love this: Mariam’s Tears. I would love more great spiritual writings. This is so
    Full of Loving kindness. May the Lord place a crown on your head.

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